1663 Summa Theologica Thomas Aquinas 17th century ( 1600s )

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1663 Summa Theologica Thomas Aquinas Medieval Philosophy Catholic Theology 7v

“The truth can be perceived only through thinking”― Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica

A rare 17th-century printing of the famous “Summa Theologica” by Thomas Aquinas. This work is considered Aquinas’ "most perfect work, the fruit of his mature years, in which the thought of his whole life is condensed". (Perrier, 149). ‘Summa’ makes references to many great thinkers and philosophers who were important during Aquinas’s time - these include Paul the Apostle, Aristotle, Peter Lombard, Cicero, and Saint Augustine.

‘Summa’ makes many strong arguments about theology and lawful living including:

Theology is the source of divine knowledge and transcends human reason
The existence of God, God is not a metaphor
Unbelief is the worst of all sins; original sin is unavoidable
Collecting interest on loans is unlawful
Just price theory – selling something for more/less of its value is unlawful
Being a monk is greater than being married
Martyrs, teachers, and virgins receive special crowns in heaven
Seven volumes of the 1663 first edition set edited by Gregorio Donati (d.1642) and printed by Baylii.


Summa totius theologiae S. Thomae Aquinatis, Doctoris Angelici, Ordinis Praedicatorum

Lugduni : sumptibus viduæ Petri Baylli et Petri Baylli in vico Mercatorio sub signo crucis auræ. M.DC.LXIII. [1663]. First edition thus


Collation complete with all pages: 7 volumes

Binding: Leather; tight & secure

References: Perrier, J.L, The Revival of Scholastic Philosophy,

Language: Latin

Size: ~5.5in X 3in (14cm x 8cm)

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