Antique Mantle Clock, French Renassance Revival Set Bronze Clock Set, 1800's  Gorgeous!!

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Antique Mantle Clock, French Renassance Revival Set Bronze Clock Set, 1800's Gorgeous!!

Gorgeous Antique Mantle Clock, French Renaissance Revival Set Bronze Clock Set, 1800's!!

Exceptional  ( Set of Three) French Renaissance Revival bronze mantel set, 19th c., including: (1) mantel shelf clock, elaborate case with running floral ornamentation and figural mask motifs, housing clock face with individual enameled cartouche Roman numerals, unmarked time and strike movement, with regulator pendulum, on platform base, ending in scrolled and paw feet, approx 25.5"h, 18"w, 7"d, together with (2) corresponding candelabra garnitures, each with six lights, approx 30"h, 9.5"w, 5.5"d

Seller:  Old  Europe Antique Home Furnishings [512 686 6531. ask for Greg!

Door to door delivery available!  Call for a shipping quote!

Wear and imperfections from age, use, and being moved. Functionality not known or tested, sold as decorative. Monumental clock set!

"Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!"


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