Antique Chest, Carved, Heavily Hand, European, 16th / 17th Century, Handsome!! Great for stoarge!

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Handsome Antique Heavily Carved European Chest 16th - 17th Century!

A beautiful hand carved European chest or cabinet.  It opens in the front and would make an excellent TV or entertainment stand or entry way piece.  The carving is truly a work of art, clearly done by a skilled craftsman, possibly dating as far back as the late 16th ( 1500s ) to early 17th ( 1600s )century with later restoration.  Roughly 30"h x 25"d x 50"w.  Key included!!

Interior contains a metal support added perhaps to contain a safe or something.
My suspicions were confirmed today during a visit from another experienced antique dealer.  This is most likely very old, therefore I'm changing the description from a conservative 18th / 19th dating to likely 16th / 17th century.

Wear and imperfections from age, use, and movement.