Antique Sideboard, Fine Breton Display, Spindle, Foliate, Shelves, 19th, 1800's!

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Gorgeous Antique Sideboard, Fine Breton, Foliate, Carved, Display, Gorgeous, 19th Century, 1800's!
This exquisite antique sideboard boasts intricate spindle and foliate carvings on dark wood tones, making it a stunning addition to any French Breton-style home. The free-standing sideboard stands at 89.5 inches tall and 55.5 inches long, with shelves for convenient display and storage. Crafted from carved wood and bearing the brand of Antique, this cabinet dates back to the 1800s and embodies the rich history and culture of France. With its elegant design and fine craftsmanship, this sideboard is a true gem for any collector of antiques.

French Breton foliate carved sideboard display, late 19th c, with foliate and spindle decoration, an upper single drawer cabinet adjacent to two open display shelves, the rectangular work surface with two frieze drawers over two doors, all rising on ball feet, 89.5"h, 55.25"w, 21.5"d

Breton sideboards have a distinctive regional style that sets them apart. They often feature ornate carvings, intricate details, and folk motifs inspired by the Brittany region in France. This unique design aesthetic appeals to those who appreciate the authenticity and character of French provincial furniture.

These sideboards often reflect the cultural and historical heritage of the Brittany region. They may incorporate elements of local traditions, folklore, or historical events, making them a way to connect with the past.

French furniture, including Breton sideboards, is known for its high-quality craftsmanship. These pieces are typically well-made with attention to detail and can last for generations, which appeals to those seeking durable and long-lasting furniture.
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Wear and imperfections commensurate with being moved, age and use. Nick to top door.
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