Antique Books, 1723 Travels of Chardin in Persia, Middle East, Iraq Turkey Iran!

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Rare Antique Books, 1723 Travels of Chardin in Persia Middle East Iraq Turkey Iran, Title "Voyages de Mr. le Chevalier Chardin", 18th Century!

A rare French edition of Jean Chardins “Travels into Persia and the East Indies”. This book is regarded as one of the finest works of early Western scholarship on Persia and the Near East. This printing was published at the same time as other French edition, all are considered first editions. In this book Chardin discusses his journeys from Constantinople to the Black Sea, Persia, and throughout the Middle East (Kashan, Iraq; Armenia, Crimea, and Georgia). The end of his journey took him through the Cape of Good Hope, on his way home.

Upon his return, he was considered quite a celebrity in London; though, according to Evelyn he was not inclined to talke wonders”. He met with famous members of the Royal Society, all of whom took great interest in his voyage. He told them of his witnessing of Abbas IIs coronation, and the jewels and fine ornaments he had seen.

This fifth volume from the 1723 edition contains 10 full-page engravings and folding charts.CHARDIN, John

"Voyages de Mr. le Chevalier Chardin", en Perse, et autres lieux de lOrient; Rouen: Charles Ferrand, 1723; Details:

Collation: Complete with all pages; 312; 4 engraved plates, 6 folding tables; References: Howgego I, 216; Atabey 218

Howgego: “His account of the Persian court and his business transactions with the shah are of considerable interest.”

Atabey: “Chardins acute observations and valuable insights into oriental life were highly praised by Montesquieu, Rousseau, Gibbon and Helvetius, all of whom drew on his work in their own writings”

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