Antique Books, 1700s, Philosophy,1686 1 ed Juvenal Satires Stoic, Rome Mythology

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Antique, Books, Philopophy 1686 First Edition Juvenal Satires Stoic Philosophy Rome Mythology Jesuit Pierre Rodelle, 1600's, 17th Century!
“Many commit the same crime with a very different result. One bears a cross for his crime; another a crown.”
― Juvenal, The Satires
A rare 1686 printing of The Satires of Juvenal. This collection of satirical poetry was written in the late 1st and 2nd centuries and discuss society, social norms, irony, each of these providing insight to the morals and values of Roman life at the time. Juvenal outlines many of the concerns he has with Roman citizens including unfaithfulness and greed; issues he recognized as downfalls to society. Many of the satires include references to Greek and Roman mythology.
This edition was collected and edited by Jesuit Pierre Rodelle published in Toulouse.
JUVENALIS, (Decimus Junius); Petri Rodelli e Societate Jesu, Juvenalis.; Tolosae: apud J. Pech, 1686. First, only edition.
Details: Collation: Complete with all pages, [10], 346; Language: Latin; Binding: Leather; tight and secure
Size: ~6in X 3.5in (15cm x 9cm)
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