1775 Justinian Institutes Roman LAW Juris Civilis Latin 18th century ( 1700s )

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1775 Justinian Institutes Roman LAW Juris Civilis Latin Paris VELLUM

“Freedom is the natural ability of everyone to do what he likes, unless it is prohibited by law or by force.”― Justinian I

The ‘Institutes of Justinian’ is a portion of the full Corpus Juris Civilis, largely based on the Institutes of Gaius. Justinian sought to reform Roman law and education. This work was originally intended to be used by law students, but they were not solely used as a textbook, they actually carried legal weight …as law!

This small, vellum-bound edition lacks the title page and the end of the index, thus precise dating becomes difficult. Though it is highly likely that it was published in Paris, in the late 18th-century. It includes the word-for-word “Prooemium” before the first chapter, which is consistent with other Paris editions. This printing is identical textually to early 19th-century Paris printings by Herhan.


[Institutes of Justinian]

ca. 1775-1799


Collation: 312p; incomplete

Binding: Vellum; tight & secure

Language: Latin


from the library of a Jewish book collector in Prague – Guido Kisch

Size: ~5.5in X 3.5in (14cm x 8.5cm)

Wear and imperfections commensurate with age and use.