1683 Life of Pope Sixtus V Gregorio Leti Counter Reform, 17th century ( 1600s )

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1683 Life of Pope Sixtus V Gregorio Leti Counter Reformation ROME Vatican 2in1

“While I live, every criminal must die”
– Pope Sixtus V

A rare biography of the life of Pope Sixtus V by the famous Gregorio Leti. Leti was known to possess an ‘anti-papal’ view when it came to his historical writings, however, “The Life of Pope Sixtus V” was widely read and translated throughout Europe during the 17th- and 18th-century. Even though Leti was called ‘inexact’ by the Catholic Encyclopedia and ‘inaccurate’ by the Lutheran church, his historical importance and relevance is well-known and unprecedented. (Mosheim, 194).

Pope Sixtus V was revered for his role in eradicating and decreasing corruption and disorder throughout Rome. While he provoked controversy by destroying some iconic antiquities, he rebuilt much of the Papacy, restored economic conditions, and was a central figure in the Counter-Reformation.

This 1683 printing of LetiÂ’s masterpiece features a portrait of Sixtus V and an illustrated title page vignette.

LETI, Gregorio

La Vie du pape Sixte cinquième. Traduit de l'italien de Gregorio Leti

A Paris, chez Andre Pralard, 1683.

•Collation complete with all pages; 2 volumes in 1:
oVol 1 – [7], 384p
oVol 2 – [1], 305p
•References: Mosheim, An Ecclesiastical History;
•Binding: Leather; tight & secure
•Language: French
•Size: ~6in X 3.5in (15cm x 9cm)

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