1678 1ed MINIATURE Torquato Tasso Aminta, 17th century ( 1600s )

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1678 1ed MINIATURE Torquato Tasso Aminta Mythology Romance Poetry Italian

“Lost is all that time[that] I didn’t spend in love!” – Torquato Tasso, Aminta

Originally appearing in 1573, ‘Aminta’ by Torquato Tasso was a beautiful pastoral drama that was overshadowed by the more popular artform, opera and choral music. It wasn’t until 1607 that this drama gained prominence, the year of the first appearance of this book. The story is set during the time of Alexander the Great, but follows the life of Aminta who loves Silvia, a nymph, and defends her against evil satyrs. She rejects him until he attempts to kill himself. Remorseful, Silvia comes to cry over Aminta’s body, who is still alive, and the two eventually marry. ‘Aminta’ is indeed, a strange pairing of Greek mythology and Greek history, but a story that becomes popular throughout Europe.

Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, first published in 1597, follows similar story lines of that of ‘Aminta’; appearing over twenty years prior!

This rare Elsevier printing was the first edition to appear. It is also the first to appear with illustrations of Sebastien Leclerc.

TASSO, Torquato

Aminta, favola boscareccia

In Amsterdam, nello Stamperia del S.D. Elsevier, Et in Parigi si vendo Appresso Thomaso Jolly. M. DC. LXXVIII. 1678. First Elsevier edition printed in Amsterdam.


Collation complete with all pages: 85p

Illustrated with 7 engravings of Sebastien LeClerc (Willems)

Binding: Leather; tight & secure

References: Brunet I 1088; Willems 1556;

Language: Italian

Size: ~4in X 2.5in (cm x cm)

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