1641 BIBLE Paraphrases of Antoine Godeau Epistles

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1641 BIBLE Paraphrases of Antoine Godeau Epistles of Paul Romans Corinthians

Antoine Godeau was a 17th-century French bishop and Bible commentator. He paraphrased numerous books of the New Testament, including Romans and Corinthians, which are still recommended and useful references in exegetical and devotional study.

This rare, 1641 second edition of ‘The Paraphrases of Romans and Corinthians’ features a beautifully engraved title page in the second volume.

GODEAU, Antoine

Paraphrase sur les deux epistres de Sainct Paul aux RomainsÂ… Corinthiens

Paris : Veuve Jean Camusat, 1641. Second edition.

•Collation complete with all pages; 2 volumes in 1:
oVol 1 – [22], 264p
♣Lacking title page
oVol 2 – 267p
♣Illustrated engraved title page
•Language: French
•Binding: Leather; tight & secure
•Size: ~5in X 3in (13cm x 8cm)
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