Antique Table, Dining, Extension, French Carved Walnut,19th C., 1800s, Gorgeous!!

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Antique Table, Dining, Extension, French Carved Walnut,19th C., 1800s, Gorgeous!!

Antique Table, Dining, Extension, French Carved Walnut,19th C., 1800s, Classic!

French Henri II style walnut extension dining table, late 19th c., rectangular top over carved apron with scrolling foliates, angel masks at the four corners, spiral columnar supports surmounting central stretcher, ending in scrolled feet with masks, approx 30"h, 68"w, 49"d, extended: approx 137"l (no leaves present)

Seller: Old Europe Antique Home Furnishings (512) 686 6531

Door to door delivery available! Free Shipping Included in contiguous US!

Wear and imperfections commensurate with movement, age and use.  No leaves present or included.

        "Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!


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