Antique Sideboard, Breton, French Provincial Carved Oak Sideboard, 20th C., Gorgeous!!

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Antique Sideboard, Breton, French Provincial Carved Oak Sideboard, 20th C., Gorgeous!!

Gorgeous Breton French Provincial Carved Oak Sideboard, 20th C., Brittany, the stepped dentillated crown over double cupboard doors with brass fiche hinges and escutcheons, with medallions of a farmer couple, flanked by two relief canted cupboards with like hardware, behind two tapered acanthus carved baluster supports, on a serpentine base with two frieze drawers, over like relief carved cupboards with like hardware, flanked by tall cupboard doors with like carved medallions over applied geometric carvings, presented on a serpentine plinth on splayed ball feet, H.- 70 1/2 in., W.- 84 in., D.- 21 1/2 in.


Seller: Old Europe Antique Home Furnishings (512) 686 6531, ask for Greg!

Door to door delivery available!  Free Shipping in Contiguous US!

Wear and imperfections commensurate with movement,  age and use. 

          "Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!"


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