Antique Crib, Child's Bed, French Breton, Carved Oak, 1800s, 19th Century, Gorgeous!!

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Antique Crib, Child's Bed, French Breton, Carved Oak, 1800s, 19th Century, Gorgeous!!

French Breton oak child's bed, late 19th c., crest with winged angel mask, over turned spindle gallery, carved posts surmounted by knopped finials, sides with spindle wheels and figural masks in relief, rising on turned legs, exterior: approx. 37.75"h, 53.75"w, 26.25"d, interior: approx. 49.25"w, 23.25"d. **Note: for decorative use only**
Condition: "Wear and imperfections from age, use and movement."
"Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!"

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