Antique Cabinet, Large French Henri II Style Carved Oak, 1800s, Handsome!!

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Antique Cabinet, Large French Henri II Style Carved Oak, 1800s, Handsome!!

Antique Cabinet, Large French Henri II Style Carved Oak, 1800s, Handsome!!

Handsome Antique French Henri II Style Oak Cabinet, 19th Century, carved crest with EV monogram, crowned shield with heraldic motif, scrolling foliates, lion's mask with trailing flowers, upper glazed cabinet door, lower paneled door with carved scroll reading "lois" (laws), rising on a plinth base, approx. 110.5"h, 40.75"w, 25"d. Get for display of your treasures as well as storage!

Condition: Wear and imperfections from age, use, and movement. Minor chips and loss to crest.

"Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!"

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