Antique Bookcase, French Marquetry, Louis XVI Style, Gorgeous Antique!!!

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Antique Bookcase, French Marquetry, Louis XVI Style, Gorgeous Antique!!!

Antique Bookcase, French Marquetry, Louis XVI Style, Gorgeous Antique!!!

French Louis XVI style inlaid bookcase, 20th c., cornice atop giving way to three doors, center having mirror, side doors having marquetry festoon over foliate design, banding, interior shelving, rising on tapered legs, ending in a block foot, approx. 66.5"h, 66.5"w, 17.5"d

Wear and imperfections from age, use, and movement.  Some chips/scrapes to front right corner.

       "Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!" 


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