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A fine collection of literature of 1800's HUGE Lot of 30 BOOKS HG Wells Charles Dickens et al!!!

A fine collection of literature of 1800s HUGE Lot of 30 BOOKS HG Wells Charles Dickens Ebers Egyptian Princess!!!

A fine collection of literature including works by H.G. Wells, ‘An Egyptian Princess’ by Ebers, and ‘Dr. Syntax’s Tours’ by Dickens. A huge lot of books!

Main author: Johann Georg Lairitz
Title: Exercitatio historica de Calixtinis posterior, quam praeside Jo. Georgio Layriz, ... in illustris collegii Christian-Ernestini acroaterio majori, d. Jan. anni MDCLXXIX, defendet Jo. Christophorus Schamel, ...
Published: (s.l: s.n), [1679]
Note: pamphlet

Main author: Anthony Trollope
Title: He Knew he was Right
Published: London: Strahan and Co., 1869.
Note: volume 2
Main author: Wyndham Lewis
Title: The Old Gang and the New Game
Published: London: Desmond Harmsworth, 1933.
Main author: Georg Ebers
Title: An Egyptian Princess
Published: Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1871.
Main author: Anna Wilkes
Title: Ireland: Ur of the Chaldees
Published: London: Trubner & Co, 1873.
Main author: William Combe
Title: Dr. Syntax’s Three Tours…
Published: [London: Chatto and Windus, ca. 1875]
Note: lacking title page
Main author: E.V.B.
Title: A Garden of Pleasure
Published: London: Elliot Stock, 1895.
Main author: Jessie Weston
Title: The Legend of Sir Perceval
Published: London: David Nutt, 1906.
Main author: Charles Ellis
Title: Richmond and other poems
Published: London: Madden and Macmillan, 1845.
Main author: John Clarke
Title: Sketches in the Life of John Clare
Published: London: Cobden-Sanderson, 1931.
Main author: Graham Greene
Title: Stamboul Train
Published: London: William Heinemann, ca.1900.
Main author: P.G. Wodehouse
Title: A Damsel in Distress
Published: London: Herbert Jenkins, ca. 1900.
Main author: A.G. Hales
Title: McGlusky the Trail Blazer
Published: London: Hodder and Stoughton, ca.1900.
Main author: William White
Title: Baconia
Published: London : Robert Banks, ca.1900.
Main author: Samuel Pepys
Title: The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Published: London: Bell and Sons, 1902.
Note: volume I
Main author: Charles Dickens
Title: Sketches by Boz…with fort illustrations by Cruikshank
Published: London: Chapman and Hall, 1867.
Main author: H.G. Wells
Title: Works of H.G. Wells:
Published: London, 1933.
Notes: 13 volumes
Works include:
In the Days of the Comet
Joan and Peter
Christina Alberta’s Father
Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island
World of William Crissold (2 volumes)
A Short History of the World
The Open Conspiracy and other Writings
Meanwhile, The Picture of the Lady
Mr. Britling Sees in Through
The Soul of a Bishop and three short stories
Wear: wear as seen in photos
Publisher: above

Wear and imperfections commensurate with age and use as shown in pictures.

Auction for item only, pickup or shipping responsibility of buyer.  I'll be glad to drop this off at Fedex for packing and shipping.

     "Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!"


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