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Featured Antique of the Day!

Handsome pair of massive historical paintings.  Early 1800s, period frames, suitable for a mansion!!

Gilt framed oil on canvas, Portrait of the Honorable Mrs. Francis Charles Annesley (nee Mary Ratcliffe), British School, early 19th c., inscribed on stretcher verso, bears Picksford Ltd and Thompson & Son Depository labels verso both with the name Howe, the married name of the sitter's daughter, sight: 49.5"h, 40.5"w, overall: 62"h, 52.5"w, 49.5 lbs Ref: "The Peerage of the British Empire" by Edmund Lodeg (1856)

Gilt framed oil on canvas, Portrait of the Honorable Francis Charles Annesley (Irish, 1775-1832), Captain in the Royal Navy, British School, 19th c., inscribed on stretcher verso, sight: 49"h, 39"w, overall: 59"h, 48"w, 40.5

Wear and imperfections commensurate with age and use.  Losses to frames.

       "Old World Elegance at Reasonable Prices!"


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